D&A Controllerz

2 friends (Axel Bervoets & Davy Verswijvel) that already knew each other before the big jumpstyle hipe has taken over .

but as soon they first listend to a couple of tracks from artists like 'da rick & da boy tommy' 'dj coone' and others . they immediately started to do more with the music then just listen to it !

At the start (ano 2006-2007) it was all just experimentall in a way off making fun mixtape's now and then . a few years later some friends of school had the task to organise a party for their finals , and that opened the door to get started in a little more serious way , and since they knew from each other how passioned we were about the same music and already were experimenting together with it for some years . it was a kind of obvious choise to get started together also .Being a part of the Noize Junky family from the start, releasing their well known track 'labor' on the first Noize Junky sampler , also released 'velociraptor' and 'bring the light' later on