Bastiaan or Bestien, born belgian on 19/05/1987. Bestien started producing music at the young age of 14.From his childhood on he was heavy influenced by the music his late father listenend to.

Sounds like Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Little Louis, The Prodigy, Kraftwerk and many more were instant classic music for Bestien.
Driven by different styles of techno bestien was most intrested in harder style because of hearing the sounds and dj sets of dj's like Manu Kenton, Paul Langley, Dj Rush, etc.

In 2008 Bestien signed on Fanatix, a belgian teklabel managed by Q-ic, one of the biggest names in the Jump/Tek scene.On Fanatix Bestien Released in 2009 his know absynth EP on vinyl and in 2010 his first solo album called Anomaly.

Bestien also produces minimal house on the alias of Aden and more tekstyle/jumpstyle on his Trent Easton alter ego.

In 2011, Bestien released on Crunk'D records his Freakshow EP, with the famous Bootyman track.Later in 2011, he released his second Album called '' What We Breathe For '' wich hit the clubs hard.

In 2014 he joined Noize Junky and released his album 4OUR.